The importance of the Internet.


(Homer simpson drooling sound)

[Photo: Jason Thompson, (Homer simpson drooling sound) Licencia CC]

As you all know, the Internet has formed part of our lives. It has come to a point where we can’t live without it. The Internet has made individual’s life easier, productive and faster, because of all the ways of access that it has. Now days we use it for social purposes and for searching information, but how important it really is?


[Video by: EURACTIV]

For me personally, the internet is a huge part of my social life. It has helped me search for information, learn new things and it has improved communication for me. The internet has made life easier and productive thanks to all the content that it possesses.

The Internet has helped me and others in terms of finding solutions to every problem. Also, now days, it’s easier and faster to access big amounts of information and communicating with others from far away countries using our different devices.

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