Trying Diigo


Here I’m going to be talking about Diigo, a website that allows you to bookmark, capture, archive and highlight information from the Web.

I was instructed by my professor to look up articles on the next topics: Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and finally the Dark Web.

Up next, I’ll put up the links of articles talking about these topics



a) Artificial Intelligence: machines that are programmed to think like a human and mimic the way a person acts.



b) Internet of things: network of different devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items that are embedded with electronics.


c) Augmented Reality: it’s an interactive experience of a real- world environment where the objects of the real world  are “augmented” by a computer.




d) Dark Web: it’s the World Wide Web content that requires a specific software and an authorization access.



And those are the topics that wanted to discuss today. For more information click on the links provided for each topic. There each topic will be explained better and how they work.

Now I’m done for now. BYE GUYS!

My diigo account:




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